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Jim Pettit II

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Jim Pettit II Racing

October 24, 2006




Irwindale, CA.     Jim Pettit II scored a top five finish, in what may be his last race, at the Toyota All Star Showdown Saturday night on the half-mile oval at Irwindale Speedway.


            The event brought together for the last time, forty of the top short track drivers from around the country in what was the NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division, comprised of twenty entries each from the Northwest, Southeast, Midwest, and Southwest Series.


Finishing second in his twenty-car qualifying heat race on Friday night, Pettit started the 125 lap feature race on Saturday night in the third spot. However, by the seventy-five lap ten minute break, he found himself in eighth. Unlike the previous year in the Showdown, the re-start for the final fifty laps placed the frontrunners on the outside row, with lapped cars on the inside row. "So instead of restarting outside of the fourth row, I found myself outside the eighth row. It really made it tough getting by the lapped cars towards the front", said Pettit. With twenty-four laps to go, he had worked his way up to sixth, and with two to go, moved into fifth where he finished. "If we could have had the car we had in the first seventy-five laps, I think we would have had a car to be in contention. But, all in all, it was a good weekend for us".


            Part of the good weekend came during the Banquet for the Division, in which Pettit received two awards, one as the Southwest Series Most Popular Driver of the Year Award   and the George Stiles Achievement Award, given yearly to the driver exhibiting outstanding achievement both on and off the race track. An example of the latter might be his involvement in inviting some 15 United States Marines to the feature race Saturday night. According to Jim, "They made quite an impression on everybody. All of the guys had been to Iraq. And when they came marching in formation down through the pits to my car, it really caught your attention. Myself, it gave me goose bumps, you know? They may be warriors, but the politest group I ever met. Everything was "sir, yes sir, sir'. They wanted to know what we wanted them to do, and I told them to just have a good time, you're our guests. 'sir, yes, sir". They met with a lot of the drivers and got to see the cars up close and personal, and had a really good time. They kept thanking me, and I said, no, thank you for what you do for us. It was a great experience".


            During his twenty-five years of sitting behind the wheel of a race car, Pettit has compiled quite a record. Before racing full-time in the SWS in 2001, he raced at numerous tracks throughout California. In 1984 he was named a Regional Champion in the Winston Racing Series, and this year was named one of the top twenty-five drivers in the nation in that Series over the past twenty-five years. During his career in the SWS, besides the two awards he received this weekend, he has won the Power Aide Award, Sportsmanship Award, and two Series championships. "I'm pretty proud about that", said the forty-two year old driver from Prunedale, California.


            The Southwest Series has a non-points race coming up next month at Phoenix International Raceway. "No, I'm not going to Phoenix", said Pettit. "The Showdown was my last Series race, and may have been my last race. For the first time in my racing career, I have no idea, or direction, of what's going to happen. I hate to think that way, but you have to be realistic. What are they going to do with the Series type of cars? Until they come up with some direction, what is it going to cost to go Grand National West? I know a lot of guys would like to go there, or somewhere else. No one wants to quit. But West is so much money to move up to, and going out of your own pocket, well, you start out at ground zero. This weekend may very well have been my last race".




Burry Dolbeare



Not a bad evening at CNS . .


Went to CNS (Colorado National Speedway), out in the boonies about 15-20 miles north of Denver for the second time this year for the Midwest/Southwest Series carrying on and it was a good show. While the top cars were the top cars, it wasn’t like last time (June 3rd) when the Vadnais kid flat ran off into another zip code.

Jim had one of the worst qualifying attempts that he could remember. 20th. According to him, “I just over-drove the car”, which I assume meant he tried to go faster than the car wanted to go in the corners.

As usual in the SWS (Southwest Series, formerly known as the ‘tour’) qualifying is rather close. Quick time was 16.177 sec. 20th (Jim) was 16.495 sec. If you belch during qualifying, you’re libel to go home. Four cars did go home. Whether or not they . . . . . .

In any event, Jim done good. Nothing spectacular, but slowly picked ‘em off one at a time. The scoreboard at CNS only shows the top five, and when they get into lapped traffic, it’s sort of hard to know exactly where one is all the time. But when the cautions come out, and they restart double file with the lapped cars on the inside, you can figure it out. Remember, this is a 3/8ths mile oval, and laps go by pretty quick. Anyhow, by lap 53 he was 9th. They had a big incident on the back stretch that involved about three or four cars about lap 95-96 and put up a smoke screen you couldn't see through, but Jim got through it somehow, and on lap 102 he was 7th. Then some ding-a-ling in the #9 car, (who finished 15th and I assume was a lap down) decided he was going to hang in there until everyone in front of him crashed so he could win, gave Jim fits for the next many laps. As Jim said, the track moved to the high side, and he just couldn't get a grip coming off the corners, and he really never had a shot at the front runners during the closing laps.   

He finished an overall 7th, but 4th as far as the SWS is concerned which moved him up one in the point standings to 7th. As I assume you well know, Jim doesn't have a chance at a championship three-peat, but there's no doubt he'll be in the top ten and go to the All Star Toyota Shootout at Irwindale in October.

About his record at CNS. Somebody else might have a better record, but you'll have to show me. He's run eight races there, and has only been out of the top FOUR once. That was 10th last year in the 2nd MW/SW event. He has three top 4's, a 3rd, two 2nds, a win in 2004, and the 10th. To me, that's impressive. To Jim, well, he should have won 'em all.

            The SWS's outstanding PR person, Derrick Shannon, mentioned something about the event being run under threatening skies. I guess. A lot of the folks in the pits were looking for wood to build an arc. To the south and east, it was blacker than the inside of a coal bin with the top down. There was a line of rain clouds coming up from the south that just before they got to the track, hooked a right and went east. And to the west, the sun broke through and you could see the beautiful rocky mountains. All we got was a little bitty sprinkle. Guess the man upstairs wanted to see some racing.

Maybe all of you who get to go to SWS races and are in the pits, you already know this, but if you don't, I'd like to mention a couple of things that impresses me.

Here's Jim sitting on a pile of tires in front of his hauler, swapping stories with Eddie McKean, whose eating one of Veronica's (Pettit) wonderful hamburgers. Part of their discussion was about how they might do thus and such to try and get to the front and if they got together during the race what they might do to help each other out. Sure. You also see the huge smiles on their faces.  

A little while later, there's Jim and M K Kanke, both sitting on tires in front of M K's hauler, along with a few pit crew members, laughing their butts off about something.

I'm sure they're weren't the only ones throughout the pits doing the same thing.

An hour later, they're on the race track doing battle against one another.

You gotta love it.




Burry Dolbeare

Jim Pettit II Racing

August 21, 2006






Dacono, CO   Jim Pettit II kept his streak of top tens alive at Colorado National Speedway Saturday night, with an overall seventh place finish during the NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division Midwest/Southwest Series event on the three-eights mile oval. As far as the Southwest Series is concerned, the Prunedale, CA. driver finished fourth in that Series, moving him up a position in the point standings to seventh after seven races.


            In the past eight Series races at CNS dating back to 2001, Pettit has only been outside the top four one time, and that was a tenth place finish last year in the second Midwest/Southwest Series event. He also had a win at CNS in 2004.


            Pettit had one of his poorer qualifying attempts Saturday afternoon, and started the 150 lap race twentieth. Gaining three positions in the first three laps, he steadily moved through the thirty-two car field reaching eleventh by lap twenty-three; ninth on lap fifty-three and finally seventh on lap 102 where he finished.


            "We were pretty happy with the finish considering where we started. We were trying some new stuff on the car, and we weren't exactly sure what the car was going to do. I felt we were better than the two guys ahead of us there at the end, but in turned into a high-side race track. I could get in the turns on the bottom and roll through the middle, but I just couldn't get off the corners. I didn't have enough forward bite. But overall it was a good point night for us, considering the way the season has been going, and I'm happy with that. Hopefully we've locked ourselves up for a Toyota Showdown position in October."


            The next, and final, points event for the Series is September 23rd at the Altamont Speedway in Tracy, CA.. That event will mark the end of the 20 year old Southwest Series. Although the Series is scheduled for one more race at Phoenix International Raceway in November following the Toyota All Star Showdown, it is not a points race.


Burry Dolbeare

Jim Pettit II Racing

August 17, 2006





Prunedale CA.    Although he had a top ten finish at Irwindale Speedway last week,

Jim Pettit II is looking for better things in the last two point races of the NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division Southwest Series. The next to last point race for the Series is this Saturday night at the three-eights mile Colorado National Speedway in Dacono, CO. The event, "The United Power/Touchstone Energy 150", is a combined Midwest/Southwest Series race and posts a record $76,900 purse. It's the second such event at CNS this year, and if past Series races are any indication, a crowd of some 15,000+ can be expected to attend.


            Qualifying fifth last Saturday, Pettit started in the front row due to a six car invert, led the first five laps, but over the 100 lap event slowly faded back to eighth. "We tried a different set-up since the last time we were there but it didn't worked out like we hoped, and we struggled. We did o.k. in practice and we qualified o.k., but it didn't race well," said the Prunedale, CA. driver. "We'll go back and tweak on the car a little for the next time we go there."


            "I think we have a good package for the Colorado race. We've run the car there before, and I'm confident in it. We've had some of our best success at CNS over the years, and during the open practice on Friday, I feel we can make it a better car than it is right now".


            In the seven races Pettit has run at CNS since 2001, he has finished outside the top four on only one occasion, and that was a tenth last year. Otherwise, he has a win in 2003, two seconds, a third, and two fourths.


            Although he is the current and two time defending Series champion, racing luck has not been on his side this season. In the six events run this season, Pettit has finished outside the top ten three times, but still has enough top ten finishes to put him eighth in the Series point standings.  "We've had some really good race cars this season, and I honestly believe we could have won a couple, but that racing luck just hasn't been with us this year. What can you say when you're running up front and an alternator wire breaks and the battery goes dead".


            However, the 42 year old veteran and his crew on the #03 'Racing for the Missing' Ford, are not about to give up on the next two races. According to Pettit, "We still have a legitimate chance to get into the top five in points. It'll be tough to catch the top four guys because they're having a great year. Unfortunately we've had three bad races. In a short season like we're having this year, it's pretty tough to overcome, especially the way we started the year with a thirty-first place finish". A piece of debris from the track went into the engine compartment, taking out the water pump belt causing the engine to overheat and damage a head gasket. They parked it after only thirty-six laps.


            As for this Saturdays race, "We're basically racing for a win. We're not points racing now, because of the fact that we're not in the hunt for the championship so we don't have to be as careful as the top four or five guys. We're going for wins, and the points will take care of themselves".


Burry Dolbeare

Jim Pettit II racing

August 9, 2006





Prunedale, CA   Saturday night will mark the sixth race for the NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division Southwest Series this summer, and the current Series champion, Jim Pettit II,  is looking forward to it. The event is the "Stock Building Supply 100" on the half-mile oval at Irwindale Speedway.


            "I think some good things are going to happen for us Saturday", said Pettit. While not having the season he was hoping for this year following his past two-in-a-row championships, the 42 year old Prunedale, CA. driver is not discouraged about the rest of the season. "Despite our bad luck recently, myself and my guys are looking forward to it.

We've found a few things over the last few weeks that should really help us, and I think we have a good car for Irwindale".  Pettit, who drives the #03 "Racing for the Missing" Ford Taurus, is currently seventh in the Series point standings.


            In the past seven events that Pettit has raced in the Series at Irwindale going back to the 2002 season, he has finished out of the top ten only twice. In three of those seven races, he's finished in the top five, including a win last year.


Burry Dolbeare

Jim Pettit II Racing

July 17, 2006





Prunedale, CA.     They say you need several things to win in auto racing, and one of them is what's known as "Racing Luck". For the third time this season, Jim Pettit II is wondering where she went. While holding down a strong third place with roughly thirty laps to go in Saturday nights NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division Southwest Series event at Stockton 99 Speedway, "We tore the left rear trailing arm bracket mount off the chassis" said the current Series champion. "No, that does not happen very often." allowed Pettit. Instead of a potential win, he finished 20th.


            Despite the finish, Pettit remains seventh in the Series point standings with three  races to go. "The past two years, luck has been on our side, but this year she seems to have gone elsewhere."


            In the past two years in which he has won the Series championships, Pettit finished outside the top ten on only four occasions in twenty-eight races, and had seven of his eight career wins. So far in 2006, he's been outside the top ten in three of five races. A motor problem, an alternator problem, and now a broken bracket. "We just can't seem to get the monkey off our back. The past two races we've had good race cars, but luck just hasn't been with us."


            However, Pettit said, "You know, we've had two great years, and they can't take that away from us. Right now, all we've got to do is stay focused, win races, and go from here."


            The next event for the #03 'Racing for the Missing" Ford is August 12th at the half-mile Irwindale Speedway.


Burry Dolbeare

Jim Pettit II Racing

July 13, 2006




Prunedale, CA.    Jim Pettit II returns to the track that he got his first two wins at on Saturday night, as the NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division Southwest Series visits the Stockton 99 Speedway for the last time.


            Back in 1984 Pettit saw his first asphalt track win in the Late Model Sportsman division at Stockton, and in 2003 he got his first Southwest Series win, as well as his first Series Bud Pole Award, at the track. During the four years he's run on the quarter-mile oval, he has also recorded a second, third, and fourth in the Series.


            "Yes, Stockton's been good to me. I'm really looking forward, and excited about, going back to the track that has so much history, and it being the last Series race there, I'd sure like to be the guy to win the last one", said the current Series champion. 2006 marks the end of the Southwest Series.


            Although never racing at Stockton for a championship, Pettit does have plenty of experience there, having run prior to 2002 in numerous events while competing for points in the regional Dodge Weekly Series, in which he won the regional title in 1984.


            Pettit also holds another record at Stockton that he set in 2000. Known as the 'Tri-Holiday Championship', it consisted of 100-lap races on Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day. He won all three events, and led all 300 laps. "I'm sort of proud of that".


            So far in 2006, mechanical problems have plagued Pettit's quest for a three-peat of the Series championship. An engine problem in the first race of the season left him 31st in the point standings, and a failed alternator put him eleventh in another event. However,  an eighth place and a third place finish have elevated him to seventh in the standings as he goes into Saturdays 'AutoZone 100 presented by Havoline', driving the familiar #03 'Racing for the Missing' Ford Taurus.



Burry Dolbeare

Jim Pettit II Racing

July 3, 2006





Tracy, CA.  A failed alternator conceivably cost Jim Pettit II a win at the Altamont Motorsports Park Sunday night during the running of the fourth race in the NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division Southwest Series 2006 season.


            After setting a new track record in winning the Bud Pole Award, Pettit drew an eight-car inversion, putting him eighth on the starting grid. Taking the lead on lap sixty-three of the 150 lap event on the half-mile oval, he led the next 23 laps until the alternator went bad, causing a dead battery. Having to go to the pits for a replacement, he lost enough ground to put him eleventh at the finish.


            "We had a great race car. In fact, there's no doubt we had the best car. We were almost two-tenths faster than everybody else, which I think is pretty impressive for a tour race. And then we got hit with a mechanical problem. I'll be thinking about this one for the next week-and-half" said Pettit.


            Despite the finish, the current and two-time Series champion remains seventh in the point standings, 138 points out if first with four races to go in the season.


            The next event for the #03 "Racing for the Missing" Ford is July 15th at the Stockton 99 Speedway





Burry Dolbeare

Jim Pettit II Racing

June 28, 2006





Prunedale, CA    "I'm pretty comfortable going there and I know the race track well. We're looking for exciting things to happen". So says Jim Pettit II concerning this Sundays NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division Southwest Series event at the half-mile Altamont Motorsports Park complex.


            Pettit, the current and two-time Southwest Series champion was also the Altamont track champion in 1996 and 2000 driving the same type of car that he now drives in the SW Series. The last time he drove at Altamont in the SW Series in 2002, he finished fourth.


            "We were at Altamont in an open test last Friday and things went well for us and we're happy with the results. We're going to make a few adjustments, and then I think we'll have a car that's capable of winning the race", said Pettit.


            Following a terrible start at the beginning of the season at Phoenix International Raceway in which he finished thirty-first because of mechanical problems, the forty-two year old Prunedale, CA. driver has steadily climbed upwards in the Series point standings with an eighth place finish at Shasta Raceway Park and a third place finish at Colorado National Speedway where he finished third. He is now seventh in the standings.


            "That's been our plan from the beginning. Taking it one race at a time and digging ourselves out of the hole we got into at the beginning of the season. We have been accomplishing that, and if we continue to do what we're supposed to do, like qualifying a little bit better, then we'll have the guys chasing us for points, behind us, instead of us chasing them. And we are definitely working on our qualifying, which is of course, very important in this Series as close as the competition is".


            One month ago, Pettit was named one of the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series (formerly the Winston Racing Series) All-Time 25 drivers in commemoration of the Series 25th anniversary by a poll of more than 120 media members and track operators. Racing in that Series from 1987 thru 2000, he won a regional championship in 1984, along with six other championships, including the two at Altamont. "I'm really looking forward to seeing a lot of friends that I used to race with in those days", said Pettit. He also added, "Since the track is only an hour and a half away, I'll be able to sleep in my own bed the night before the race for a change, instead of a motel. For me, that's a big help".


            On Sunday, Pettit will take to the track in his #03 "Racing for the Missing" Ford for practice at 12:15, qualifying at 3:45, and the 150 lap Altamont Motorsports Park 150 scheduled for 7:10 pm PT.


Burry Dolbeare

Jim Pettit II Racing

June 5, 2006








            In commemoration of the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series (formerly the Winston Racing Series) 25th season in 2006, NASCAR and NASCAR Insider magazine named the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series All-Time Top 25 drivers this month.


            The list spotlights drivers past and present, from several regions of the country, representing many tracks and a variety of race cars. Short track heroes Richie Evans, Larry Phillips and Ted Christopher received the most votes.


            In the list are six drivers who began their careers in the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series and have graduated to NASCAR's three national series. Greg Biffle, Clint Boyer, Denny Hamlin, Mark McFarland, Robert Pressley and Dennis Setzer.


            The results were produced from a poll of media members and track operators on More than 120 media members and track operators participated in the voting.


            Jim Pettit II - Prunedale, CA.   From 1987-2000, Pettit claimed six track championships on dirt and asphalt. He was a pioneer in the Dodge Weekly  Series, winning a regional title in 1984 after recording 10 victories;  competed in 91 feature races that season.


            Doug McCoun - Prunedale, CA.   Won his first Watsonville (CA) Speedway track championship in 1975 at age 18. After the Dodge Weekly Series was established in 1982, he became the first California driver to win the national championship in 1985 and followed that up with a regional championship in 1986. He has more than 125 feature wins.


- 30 -



            The following is a chat I had with Jim while sitting in his hauler Saturday night at CNS.


            "NASCAR put out a list that they were going to vote on of the top twenty-five drivers in the history of the Dodge Weekly Series/Winston Racing Series for their twenty-five year anniversary. I'm not exactly sure who got to vote on it, but we were named one of the top twenty-five. That's probably one of the highest accomplishments I've ever won. I've won a lot of stuff and I'm very proud of what we've done, but I think that's a pretty cool award. There were only three of us from the west coast; Doug McCoun, Gregg Biffle, and myself".



"A pretty cool award". I'd say so, Jim. One of twenty-five drivers from around the country over the past twenty-five years. Congratulations.




June 5, 2006


Jimmy jumps up in points again. Won't be long before . . . .


Can't believe I was in Cannan, NH two Saturday nights ago watching pro-stocks on a 3/8ths mile, and two nights ago, watching tour cars on a 3/8ths mile in Colorado. Love this short-trackin'!


Saturday night at Colorado National Speedway was another good night for Jim and the crew. Went from 13th to 6th in the points and didn't hurt the car. He was disappointed in his qualifying, but 12th out of 43 cars ain't too shabby don't ya think? And a whole bunch of those 43 were some really good chauffeurs, both in the Southwest and Midwest Series. Out of the 32 cars that started, 14 were from the SWS, meaning that 18 were from the MWS. 'course it was the MW first race of the season, so you'd expect that anyone hoping to do good in points for the season would show up.


In case you weren't keeping score, Jim started 12th, moved into 11th on the 8th lap, and stayed there for the next 53. Wondering the same thing I was, somebody came on the radio and wondered if the car was o.k., to which he replied, "I'm saving it for the end".


Finally on roughly lap 90 he was 7th, and from there on tried everything known to man to gain more positions. He and CNS's favorite driver, Jerry Robertson, swapped 6th and 7th several times, and when Jim finally got a length or two on him, he came upon MW's Tim Schendel and tried and tried to get by him in the final 10-15 laps, but to no avail. As Jim said, somebody was leaking oil down low, and he couldn't get a grip. He'd take her down low in one and three, almost get under him, but had to back out to avoid turning him.

 All-in-all, a good show. Don't think anybody intentionally turned anybody. And the crowd was great. As usual, must have been 12-14,000 in the stands. And I don't think they all came there to watch the school buses race. Yes, school buses. I probably should have stayed and watched, but the program was over an hour late starting, and I need my sleep.


In case you were wondering, as I was, what Jim's plans for the future are, here's his answer. "Well, you know, we've got all of our options open. We've always been NASCAR, and we'd like to continue NASCAR, but we're going to have to see what's out there, and what's best for us. They're talking about SRL next year, but they're going to have to determine what they're going to do next year in the next month or so, so guys can make plans, because if someone doesn't give us direction, there's no motivation. Hopefully there're going to come up with something in the next month. Who knows. I know this is a real popular deal, and I  know there's several tracks that are interested in these types of cars, and maybe they can come up with some kind of series together. We'll just have to wait and see what the future brings, and hope for the best".


'till next time




Burry Dolbeare

Jim Pettit II Racing

June 5, 2006





            Dacono, CO.    Jim Pettit II took another big jump in the points Saturday night, finishing third in the combined NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division Midwest/Southwest Series event at Colorado National Speedways. Although he finished an overall seventh in the 151 lap affair on the 3/8ths mile oval, he was the third place finisher in the Southwest Series, moving him from thirteenth in the Series standings up to sixth after the seasons first three races. It marked his second top ten finish in the past two races, after starting the season in Phoenix last January with an engine problem that left him thirty-first in the standings.


            Pettit qualified his "Racing for the Missing" Ford twelfth out of a forty-three car field, and after gaining one position during the first third of the race that started thirty-two cars, moved up to seventh on lap ninety, where he took the checkers.


            As for Saturday nights race, "We really needed to qualify better, but we had a great race car there at the end. Somebody was leaking oil there at the end and on the low side we just couldn't get a grip and pull of any passes. I think we were a little better than the three cars ahead of us, but as you know, catching 'em and passing 'em are two different things. But it wasn't a bad night. It was the first top three of the year for us. We lost a few points to the point leaders, but we gained on almost everybody else. So we'll go to the next race and hopefully make up some more points."


            On August 19th, another combined Midwest/Southwest Series event will return to CNS, where Pettit has finished in the top four in six of seven appearances, including a win in 2004. The next race on the Southwest Series schedule is July 2nd at Altamont Motorsports Park in Tracy, CA..


- 30 -


Burry Dolbeare

Jim Pettit II Racing

June 1, 2006




Prunedale, CA.    The current and two-time NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division Southwest Series champion, Jim Pettit II, is among several of the nations top short-track stock car drivers entered in Saturdays "Auto Trader 150" at Colorado National Speedway. The program is a combined event of the Divisions Southwest and Midwest Series.


            Currently thirteenth in the Series point standings after two races, the Prunedale, CA. driver is coming off of an eighth place finish at Shasta (CA) Raceway Park last month following an engine failure at Phoenix International Raceway in January that had him mired thirty-first in the standings.


            "I'm looking forward to going to Colorado because I've had real good success there and hopefully we can have some more and make another gain in the points. It's going to be a tough, competitive race with the Midwest guys there too.  And all those fans  in Colorado that come out to watch us, are incredible". In the six Series races he has entered at CNS over the past five years, he has a win, two seconds, two fourths and a tenth place finish.


            Pettit will be taking to the track in his #03 "Racing for the Missing" Ford about noon-time Saturday for practice, followed by Bud pole qualifying just before five o'clock, and the 150 lap race starting at 8:10 MT.




Burry Dolbeare

Jim Pettit II Racing

May 14, 2006




            Anderson, CA.  The defending NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division Southwest Series champion, Jim Pettit II, jumped eighteen places in the Series point standings Saturday night, with an eighth place finish at Shasta Raceway Park



            After an engine failure relegated the Prunedale, CA. driver to a thirty-first place finish in the Series opener at Phoenix International Raceway last January, his finish at Shasta now finds him thirteenth in the standings, only 113 markers out of first.


            According to Pettit, "Things worked out pretty well for us at Shasta, considering what went on. We had a really good race car in the two practices, but the tire stagger took off on us in qualifying, and we ended up starting fourteenth."


            Commenting on SRP, the driver of the "Racing for the Missing" Ford, said, "Shasta is a beautiful facility, but the race track is so difficult to pass on. It's a one groove track and the only way you're going to get by there is to work 'em and work 'em. It takes several laps to get by guys. But we got our eighth place finish, didn't have any issues with anybody, passed everybody we passed cleanly, so when we go to Colorado in a few weeks, we won't have to worry about looking over our shoulder".


            The next event for the Southwest Series will be at Colorado National Speedway in Dacono, CO., on June 3rd, which is scheduled as a combined event with the AutoZone Elite Division Midwest Series



Burry Dolbeare

Jim Pettit II Racing







Prunedale, CA.   Jim Pettit II, the current and two-time NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division Southwest Series Champion, is ready to go racing at Shasta Raceway Park this Saturday night, following 107 days since the Series last event at Phoenix International Raceway in January. The event, the "NARI RECORDS 125" presented by BECCA, is the second on the Series nine event schedule.


Although Pettit had a very bad start in defense of last years Championship title at Phoenix, he is very optimistic about this weekends event. "We got ourselves in a hole at Phoenix, and we know that. But, we're very capable of digging out of that hole because of the fact we know what it takes to do it. My guys in the shop do a great job making sure we don't have any failures and I try and do my job in not putting us in harms way."


At Phoenix, a piece of debris from the track went into the engine compartment and took out the water pump belt causing the engine to overheat and damaging a head gasket retiring the car after only thirty-six laps and a thirty-first place finish.


Regarding Shasta, the Prundale, CA. driver said, "We tested at Shasta last Wednesday and were pretty happy with the results. Actually, it went real well. We have a few things we want to work on to get a little bit better, but all in all it was a good test. There's an open test on Friday and we have a few things we want to try before practice and qualifying on Saturday. We definitely hope to improve over last years fifth place finish."


Over his past two Championship years in the Series, Pettit has only finished out of the top ten on five occasions in twenty-nine races and has seven wins over that stretch. Consistency is the key to success according to Jim. "I have a great team behind me that knows how to put a winning car under me. The very few times we haven't finished a race in the top ten, was when something happened that was out of our control, like a flat tire, debris on the track, or whatever. We'll go out there and try to gain fifteen or twenty points a race and things will come to us. Being consistent is what we pride ourselves in."


Pettit will again be driving the #03 "Racing for the Missing" Ford in his quest for a third straight Series championship which would put him ahead of Ron Hornaday, Jr., who won back-to-back titles in 1992 and 1993.

- 30 -






Burry Dolbeare

Burney Lamar Racing



March 6, 2006


An interesting three weeks . . .


Starting at the beginning. Daytona. Absolutely astounding. I'm sure all of you know what happened, so I'll not go into that, except to say, well, what can I say.


However, I just hung up the phone with the youngster, and thought you might be interested in a few comments he had to say about it.


"Second at Daytona. That was a dream come true. The biggest thing we set out to do was keep out of everyone's way and not crashing the car. And that's what we did. I didn't know what the car wanted, so like about half-way through the race I figured out it was way too tight. We made a few pit stops, and my crew chief, Gene Nead, loosened it up and the next thing you know, the car was fast. He hit the nail right on the head. I knew I wasn't going to have much help from anyone, so I found Tony and Kevin and hooked up with them. The next thing you know, I was pushing Stewart and pushed him around, I think it was Michael Waltrip, and there we were. First and second."


Then it was on to the California Speedway. Started 32nd, finished 21st. About half-way through, he made what he called a "rookie mistake" and entered the pits too slow on a pit stop, and went down a lap. It was his first ever pit stop on a green flag and I'm sure he had a lot on his mind at the time. However, he stayed mid-way in the pack all day, learned a lot, and brought the car home in one piece. (I won't mention that the first eleven finishers in that race were "buschwhackers".)


About yesterday in ol' Mexico. In my opinion, which in this case, I'll be more than happy to express to anyone that wants to listen, he drove the race of the day. Started 19th, finished 18th. Not too much there to write home about. But, if you're like me and keep a running lap-by-lap account of the goings on, you should be highly impressed with what Burn the Worm did.


Started 19th, moved to 18th on lap 3. Pitted on lap 5 or 6, (along with 18 other cars), came out 26th on lap 7. Moved up to 13th when he pitted on lap 20. Came out 23rd on lap 21. On lap 24, he got spun out. (Did you get some help with that spin? "Yeah, I think so".) After a pit stop, he was 33rd on lap 26. He was 14th when he pitted again on or about lap 45-46. Came out 22nd on lap 47. He moved into the top 10 on lap 52 and into 5th on lap 57. From lap 60 through lap 72 he moved around from 8th to 11th. Guess what. He got spun again. (Did you get help on that spin? "Yeah".) On lap 73, he was 31st. On lap 80 (checkered) he was 18th.


A few quotes from the man.


"I gotta be honest. The track was hard to get used to. Can you imagine going to a track I've never even seen? Some of those drivers have been racing that track, their home track, for years. When they come off the hauler, they're set up".


"The first practice, I didn't even know where I was. I got in two or three laps at speed, and the rest were cautions. But on the second session, I got a lot of help from Ron (Hornaday) and Kevin (Harvick) and got more laps in. But I wasn't really comfortable in the car until the race." (He was 42nd in the first practice, 27th in the second)


Apparently it didn't take him a whole lot of time to get comfortable with the car. As a result of the first three races, the rookie is 6th in the Busch point standings. Not a bad start.


The Burney Lamar quote of the race. When I mentioned that he went from 31st to 18th in the final 7 laps, his response was, "Yeah, we were haulin' --- and passed a lot of cars there".  No kidding.








Burry Dolbeare

Burney Lamar Racing


February 13th, 2006


Burney done done it again . . . .


Despite what you read, hear, or whatever, Burney did NOT start 20th in yesterdays ARCA/ReMax race at Daytona. He started 40th. If you noticed on the TV (and if you didn't watch TV, shame) it made a mention that several cars pulled out of impound, thereby being relegated to the rear of the field at the green.


They pulled Burney out on account of he said there was a vibration in the driveline. So they did something with the drive shaft. (Don't ask me folks, I'm just telling you what he said)


I say Burney done done it again.  If you remember, several months ago he competed in an ARCA race at Talladega Superspeedway in which he started 41st and finished 6th. He did better this time. Started 40th, finished 4th. (I sincerely hope this pulling out of impound is not a precedent in his future ARCA races).


Anyhow, if you weren't keeping track, he moved into 27th on lap 3 (that means he passed 13 cars in three laps), into 11th by lap 21, and 5th on lap 36 (I hate it when I do this, but that means he improved his position 35 cars in 36 laps). OK. Some had dropped out by that time including, I'm sorry to say, Andrew Meyers, who got on his head and slid a few hundred feet that-a-way on lap 24.


Now, it was about lap 21 that the announcers noticed that this car #31, driven by one Burney Lamar, was getting close to the top ten after coming from 20th. Wrong. Coming from 40th. (They don't even read what they put on the screen) However, let me say this about that. One of the trackside reporters had some good things to say about Burney, and even Kenny Schrader fest up to he has a lot of talent (he never mentioned Burney beat him at Phoenix) So all in all, Burney not only did well, but got some good publicity.


What did he have to say about the race? "It was a blast". He learned a lot from the race. Drafting.

Side-drafting. Like he used the side-draft around Damon Lusk  through three and four to come in fourth on the last lap. He learned about how the air moves you around when you're freight-training. "You can't believe how the air moves you around". No Burney, I can't. Course I've never been around a bunch of cars at 183 miles an hour. And the world is better off.


And so we come to Burney's debut in the NASCAR BUSCH Series. Going for the rookie of the year. The good Lord willin', and the creek don't rise, . . . . . .







Burry Dolbeare

Burney Lamar Racing




February 3rd


Just talked to Burney . . .


Asked him what he's been up to lately. Seems he's been doing some testing, working out, and learning how to deal with the media.


You know about the testing at Daytona. "Things went pretty well at Daytona". I should hope so. Top ten in all three days out of a zillion cars.


"One of the biggest things I've been doing is media training. Getting prepared to do all the media stuff. What to look out for when reporters ask you questions to try and trick you into an answer. (Now come on Burney, reporters would never do that). How to answer questions and stuff like that. Which was cool".


"And, I'm working out two times a day. Other than that, . . . . ".


Other than that. Right. Seems he's leaving wherever on Sunday headed for Las Vegas for testing on the 6th and 7th along with the boss-man (Kevin Harvick). Is he looking forward to that? "I can't begin to tell you how excited I am. We have an awesome team. And the more time I spend with Gene Nead, the more excited I get about having a great team this year".


Gene Nead is going to be his crew chief this year. The man has a ton of credentials including championships. Is it working well with you two? "It's working really well".


Burney's next race is the 11th at Daytona.  An ARCA race that at the moment has 71 (that's seventy-one) entries. Can you imagine that? Thirty (30) cars go home. Not to worry. He started an ARCA race at Tallageda last year 41st, finished 6th.


Bye the bye, he's also scheduled to run two more ARCA races. At Nashville and Gateway (St. Louis) Don't know the dates, but stay tuned.


The dudes going on TV. You may already know it, but if you don't, here what's happening. On the SPEED Channel. NBS 24/7. (That's NASCAR Busch Series, 24 hours a day, seven days a week). Seems they've picked out a few rookies to follow during the season, and Burney's one of them. He won't necessarily be on every week, but they're going to keep track of him during the season. The first show is the 13th at 9:30 PM ET.


Bye the bye again. The ARCA race is on SPEED. (Check your local listings)


In case you forgot, Burney's ARCA car is #31, and his Busch car is #77 Dollar General.


And the adventure continues . . . . . .




Burry Dolbeare

Jim Pettit II Racing




Thanks to the owners of this website, I have been given the opportunity to keep my hand in this wonderful sport, since some folks with more money than they know what to do with bought and are going to tear down one beautiful race track that I had the pleasure of working at for nine years, and since a driver that I used to write for (his mug shot is on the

front) has gone on to bigger things, this is the first of several articles that I hope to write during the coming season for the Southwest Series multi and current champion. (I think that's the longest sentence I have ever written). So, without further a-do . .


Bad Day at Phoenix . . .


First of all, things started off very well, thank you. Qualified third out of 43 competitors and when the race was in it's 28th lap, was running 5th. Then somewhere along the line, "Something on the track came up and knocked the water pump belt off and basically pumped the water out. And then by the time we got her in and got it fixed it apparently had done something to the head gasket and for all intense and purposes, we were done". He completed 36 of the 85 laps and finished 31st.


Now here is where I'm going to like to write for this dude. It's called "attitude". Now this is from a man that started third and finished 31st. (Turning on tape recorder) "Well, we've got a little hill to climb. If anybody can do it, we can. We're very capable of doing it. We'll figure it out and fix it. We've got three months to work on it before the next race. We'll go one race at a time and go forward". No excuses, no whining, no complaining.


Maybe that's why he's a two-time champion.


Jim only got 70 points which is long way from the 180 points the NASCAR Craftsman truck driver got for winning, or the 170 points the NEXTEL Cup driver got for second. Howsomever, we need to realize that probably half of the competitors that were at Phoenix

will not be racing the entire Southwest schedule. If Jim can do as well as he did last year and get three or more wins and 12 out of 14 top 10's, hey . . . .  the fat lady hasn't even started clearing her throat.


"Well, we've got a little hill to climb".  Ya gotta love it.




Burry Dolbeare

Burney Lamar Racing




Burney's Been a Busy Boy . . .


In case you were wondering, Burney's been rather busy this past weekend. They've been having BUSCH testing at Daytona preparing for the up-coming Daytona festivities next month. The Busch-boys tested on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In looking at the results, it would appear that of the two cars he's tested, one is better than the other. (Wow) Or at least he likes it better than the other. Whatever. One is 77a, the other 77b. I am assuming (which is very dangerous on my part) that 77a is the primary car, and 77b the backup.


Irregardless, for your insatiable desire for results, here are a few:



Fri. AM - Single car - 77a   181.076 mph   10th quick

 "    PM -     "        "   - 77a    180.672 mph    10th quick

 "        Drafting         - 77a    185.820 mph    20th quick


Sat. AM - Single car - 77a    180.527 mph   13th quick

                    "         "    77b    179.211 mph   32nd quick

 "     AM - Drafting      77b     179.480 mph   38th quick  

 "     PM  -      "          -  77a     186.139 mph     9th quick

                                     77b    179.565 mph    53rd quick


Sun. AM -  Drafting -   77a    181.269 mph     14th quick

  "     PM         "        -   77a     184.490 mph     14th quick



Overall single-car  -   1.  Dale Earnhardt, Jr.  #8   183.872 mph     

                                    12. Burney Lamar  #77    181.076 mph


Overall drafting  -    1.   Denny Hamlin    #20b    187.402 mph     

                                9.   Burney Lamar   #77a     186.139 mph  


Now just between you and me and anyone else that wants to know, I don't think that's

too shabby for a kid with only two (2) Busch races under his belt.


Burney's schedule:


ARCA/ReMax 200   Feb. 11th    Daytona Intl. Speedway    4:10 PM ET   Speed Channel - live

            Car #31  Kevin Harvick Chevrolet   2006 Monte Carlo


Hersheys Kissables 300  (BUSCH)   Feb. 18th     Daytona Intl. Speedway    1:20 PM ET

             Car #77  Dollar General Chevrolet


And now you know . . .




Burry Dolbeare

Jim Pettit II Racing

January 20, 2005


                                                                PETTIT II STARTS TITLE DEFENSE AT PIR


            Prundale, CA.   Jim Pettit II, only one of two competitors in the NASCAR AutoZone Elite Dvision Southwest Series to win back-to-back championships, will be trying for a three-peat this year as the Series opens it's 2006 schedule in the 29th running of the Copper World Classic at Phoenix International Raceway this Sunday afternoon.


            "After we won that first championship in 2004, we definitely wanted to prove that it was no flute, not that it was, but just to prove it wasn't", said the Prunedale, CA. driver. "To win it again would be quite an honor, especially since it's the last year of the Southwest Series. Also, if we can pull it off, we'd be the only three time Series champion ever. Last year we tied Ron Hornaday as the only back-to-back champions, so that would put us ahead of some pretty good company."


            Since competing full time in the Southwest Series beginning in 20001, Jim has eight wins to his credit, tying him for tenth place in the all-time win column dating back to 1986. Last year he had three wins and twelve top ten finishes in the fourteen race schedule in earning his second championship.


            As for the upcoming race at PIR, Jim will be driving the familiar #03 "Racing for the Missing" 2005 Ford Taurus, owned by his wife, Veronica, with Duane Sharp as his crew chief. "I'm pretty excited about it", says the forty-one year old twelve-hour-a-day truck driver who works for his family business, J P Surplus & Salvage. "We're looking forward to getting off to a fast start. The last few times we've been there, we've been racing for the championship instead of racing to win the race. If we can stay out of trouble, do what we're capable of doing, we should be a threat to win. Hopefully we can get out of there with a win and the points lead, and be in good shape for the next race. I'd rather they be chasing us, and not us chasing them".


            Qualifying for the Southwest Series 100 will be Sunday morning, with the 100 mile race scheduled for approximately 1:00, Phoenix time, in the afternoon.




December 18, 2005
The last story I wrote back a few weeks ago probably sounded like it would be the last one,
and maybe some folks wished it was, but unless the good people that run this website say I can't, I just might do another one or two. The reason being two-fold. Number one, I just like to write stories as it gives this older person something to do in his increasingly spare time.
Number two, I like Burney, I think he has talent, and I'd like to see him do good. And if he does good, I like to write about it.   
And on the outside chance you haven't heard about it, I offer the following.
First of all, I assume you know that he's driving the full Busch Series schedule (35 races) in 2006. #77, Dollar General, appears to be yellow and black, Chevrolet for KHI. (KHI being Kevin Harvick Inc. But you already knew that)
Now in preparation for that, he's been a busy boy. A couple of days ago, he "tested" at VIR
(Virginia International Raceway) for a day or so with none other than Ron and Ron (that's
Fellows and Hornaday) According to Burney, he chopped seconds (not tenths) off his times
by listening to those guys telling him how to do thus and such over the 2.25 mile course.
Now Burney is no slouch when it comes to road-courses. Remember his second at Infineon? Anyway,
Not happy with that, they loaded up and went to Daytona. That's that place they used to race up and down the beach and hiway US1 many years ago, (you had to have been there) but now run around that big ol' 2 -1/2 mile superspeedway known as DIS. Now why would they do that? It seems that he's entered in two races there even though a couple of days ago it was the first time he'd seen the joint. Two Races? Yep er. An ARCA race and a Busch Race. The ARCA 200 and the Hershey's Kissables 300. (Kissables? I love it)
Now before anybody gets bent out of shape, let me say this about that. Remember the ARCA race he was in at Talladega? First time on that sucker he started 41st and finished 6th. A couple of days ago, first time on DIS, fourth quickest in the morning session.
To quote the man, "After running at Talladega, everything here it easy".
I know. One good race and two good test sessions doesn't mean he's the next Richard Petty or Tony Stewart, but I hope he does well. It's all up to him. And I'm rootin for him.


November 18, 2005


And so the adventure ends . . . 


First of all, about the Toyota Showdown. I assume it will go down in history as one of the biggest embarrassments in NASCAR officiating ever perpetuated upon mankind. I'm talking about both feature races. In Burney's Elite race, there were 13 cautions. Some for good reasons, some uncalled for. I think it will go down in history as the first race that the pace truck driver determined whether or not the track was ready for a re-start. Oh well . . . .


Ol' Burney was never more than third down, even led one lap. Even though I wish the finish had been different, the "three amigos" did good. Auggie, Burney, and MK. 1 2 3. Second-in-a-row podium for Burney in All Star competition.


I started out with Burney in 2001 when he was driving for Mike and Sharon Bonicelli in the #87 car, who asked me to do his press relations for them. I got to go to several tracks with them that I'm sure I never would have visited otherwise. And it was a wonderful experience. In 2002 and 2003 Burney went on his own with his father and grandfather, although I did a few stories about him in 2003. In 2004, when he hooked up with Les and Sue DenHerder in the #1 car, Burney asked me to do his PR, which I did again this year. Although I only got to see him race four times this year, the internet and the telephone kept me pretty well up to date on his adventures.


As all good things do, somewhere along the line it comes to an end. And this end comes with a great finish. The kid I met five years ago has seen a dream come true, and in a small way I've been privileged to have gone along for the ride. A ride I'll certainly never forget.


And now the young man advances into one of NASCAR's top three, the BUSCH Series.


Good luck, "mi amigo", and God's Speed.






Irwindale, CA.  Burney Lamar came in second at the 3rd Toyota All Star Showdown Saturday night, to claim his second-in-a-row podium finish in a wild and wooly event on the half-mile oval at the Irwindale Speedway. Lamar started sixth in the forty-car field, which was made up of the top-ten  point finishers in the four Series of the NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division.


By the time the first of thirteen caution flags were thrown on lap four, he had moved his HPS Mechanical/Groeniger/Victory Circle Chassis Chevrolet into third. Moving into second on lap nine, he took the lead on lap fifty-three, lost it on the next lap, dropped back to third on lap sixty-three, but back into second, on lap ninety-two, where he took the checkers at the end of the 125 lap event.


Lamar gained his starting position by virtue of starting fourteenth in his twenty-car, fifty-lap qualifying event on Friday night. By the start of the third lap he was in eighth place, and moved into third on the thirty-eighth lap, where he finished.


At last years event, the twenty-five year old W. Sacramento driver started his qualifying race in the sixteen position, took the lead on the tenth lap and never looked back. Starting on the pole in the feature race, he finished third for his first podium finish.


Although Saturday's race might be his last of four seasons with the Southwest Series, Lamar is looking forward to running in the NASCAR Busch Series in 2006, driving for Kevin Harvick Inc. in the #77 Dollar General Chevrolet. Despite having driven the full Southwest Series fourteen race schedule this year, where he finished fourth in the point standings, he also ran four NASCAR Grand National West Series races in which he won two events. He also competed in one Busch Series race and two Craftsman Truck events, as well as an ARCA/ReMax Series race at the Talladega Superspeedway in which he started forty-first and finished sixth.


For more on Burney Lamar, visit his website at


October 22, 2005


Season winding down . . .


Only three more scheduled races for Burney in 2005. Truck race at Atlanta the 29th, Southwest race at Phoenix on Nov. 10th, and the Toyota Showdown at Irwindale on the 11th - 12th.  


No chance of him winning the Southwest Series championship. He's 186 points behind Jim Pettit II. Doubtfull he'll get second either as he's 135 behind Auggie. If he finishes no more than two or three       spots behind Eddie McKean at Phoenix, he'll get third in the standings. What ever happens at Phoenix, it'll make the fifth time in his five Series seasons he's finished in the top nine in points.


Speaking of Phoenix, this year he couldn't have done better. Two races, two wins. One in the SWT last January, and the other in the West last April. We'll ignore the past years.


Last weekend at Mesa Marin was one to kinda sorta forget. Suspension problems (polite for wheels and tires) in the SWT race, and a cut tire in the West fiasco.  He was running second in the West race with         about ten to go   when all the defecation hit the ventilation.  Seems body parts came off some body's car, somebody ran over it and crashed, others decided they didn't want others to win, and in the ensuing  melee, Burney apparently ran over Jaque Debris (that's French for stuff on the race track) and cut a tire down, causing a pit stop and a resulting 10th place finish.


Speaking of the West Series. Awesome year. Four starts, two wins, a sixth, and a tenth. That equals a 4.5 average finish, the best in the Series. Even with only four starts, he finished 18th in the points.


I've got my motel reservations made for the Showdown. See you there . . . .





October 13, 2005


Burney is really, really pumped for this weekend . .


He is back in familiar territory this weekend at Mesa Marin. Like he said, the last couple of outings, truck and Busch, were not only stressful, but the results weren't all that outstanding. But, he's learning.


He's back racing with his buddies, and in particular in the Southwest race, in a car he' driven a bunch. He didn't even mention about racing for points, the championship, but just about having some fun racing. 'course, like he says, it'd be fun to win too.


At the moment, there are no more "scheduled" Busch races this year, but "you never know". He does have two more scheduled Truck races: Atlanta and Phoenix. He tested a truck yesterday at Atlanta, and said it went well. "We had Ron Hornaday in our corner, and his pit crew. It was a fun time. But you know, every time I go to the track, it shows me how much I need to learn. Man, there's just so much to learn". (Love that attitude) When I mentioned that Atlanta was a pretty fast track, he said, "In the morning when the track had a lot of grip, it's easy to drive, but when it gets hot and greasy in the afternoon, it gets slick. It really gets your attention. But it was fun. There were a lot of trucks there and we'll take it home and hope to make it a little bit better, and hit it hard".


And so the adventure continues . . .




Oct.13, 2005



Bakersfield, CA. If Burney Lamar is looking for seat time in a stock car, this weekend should give him plenty. He is entered in both the NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division Southwest Series "Star 300" and the NASCAR Grand National West Division "Ford Motorcraft Parts 150 presented by 3M" in the "October Classic" at Mesa Marin Raceway in Bakersfield, CA. Saturday night. The event marks the final night of racing on the historic 28 year old half mile oval.


The 25 year old W. Sacramento, CA. native, who is currently third in the Southwest Series point standings, has done well in the two previous Series races at Mesa this year, having won the pole position and finishing second last April, and starting eighth and finishing third last May. In the twelve Series races run so far this year, Lamar has put the Les DenHerder owned #1 HPS/Groeniger/Victory Circle Chassis Chevrolet in the top ten nine times, including a win in the season opener on the one mile oval at Phoenix International Raceway last January.


"I am really, really, excited about this weekend", says Lamar, "because I can just go there and have fun. The last few races I've been in have really been stressful, for example the truck and Busch races, but this time I'm looking forward to going and race with people I've raced with a lot, driving a car I've raced a lot, and just plain having fun. Of course, being the last races there, it would be nice to win".


This will mark the second time this season that Lamar has done double duty at Mesa Marin, having accomplished that feat last April when he made his first Grand National West appearance. He started third and finished sixth. Since that time, he has raced in two other West events, winning at both Phoenix and on the two mile oval at the California Speedway. As a developmental driver for Kevin Harvick, Inc., Lamar has run a limited West schedule this summer, driving the DeLana Harvick owned #33 HPS/  Groeniger Chevrolet. He also competed in an ARCA/REMAX event at the Talladega Superspeedway earlier this month, where he started forty-first and finished sixth.


Not only will Lamar be getting some 225 miles, 450 laps, of seat time Saturday night, but practices are scheduled for each Division in half-hour segments most of Friday afternoon. Following more practices Saturday morning, qualifying is scheduled for the Southwest Series at 3:30 pm (PT), and the West Division at 4:30 pm. The $71,600 Southwest event is set for 6:00 pm, with the $103,700 West race following.


For more on Burney Lamar, visit his website at


October 3, 2005


What can I say again . . .


Started dead ass last in a 41 car field, got as high as third, and finished sixth. First time in ARCA, first time . . . etc. etc.. Took him 16 laps to get to 24th (passed 17 cars in 16 laps), and got to 6th in 28 more laps (that's 35 cars in 52 laps).


O.K.. So half the field were rookies and it was their first time at the track. Same for Burney. I assume

their car owners thought they were pretty good, or they wouldn't have been there. Even the top four were more or less rookies, at least to Talladega. (Fifth was 7 time ARCA champion, Frank Kimmel) And where did those rookies start? 1st, 3rd, 2nd and 4th. O.K. Shoulda, woulda, coulda, . .  if . . .


Burney was a little down, but as he said, they accomplished pretty much what they set out to do. Except win. Apparently they bought that car from "jaws" only a month or so ago, so they didn't have much time to work on it, considering what all is going on at KHI. Burney said if he gets to run another ARCA race, things will be a little different.


Burney had Kevin Harvick, and Harvick's spotter, (I think he said Bob Jeffries) as his spotters on the roof, (or wherever they spot from) and his Southwest Series car owner, Les DenHerder as a spotter down the backchute. As Burney would say, "that's pretty cool."


About the TV coverage as far as Burney was concerned. How that it's over, I have to chuckle. First of alI, I was totally confused as to why he was 24th after 16 laps when I thought he started 10th. Seems they didn't show Burney and several other cars going to the back of the pack on the lap or so before the green, on account of they worked on their cars after qualifying. When he told me he started last, I near dropped the phone. Now it makes sense.


Quite obviously, the TV folks had either Kinser, Crocker, and Kimmel as the whole show. Then long about lap 31- 32, running in the top ten, is this Burney "Where the hell did he come from" Lamar. I could 

see them reaching for the public relations stuff. "Oh yeah, he drives for Harvick"  "His grandpa was a sprint car star in California" "He's running third in the Southwest point standings"  "He's got two wins in the West Series"  (Schrader never did say Burney beat him at Phoenix, but, oh yeah, he's got talent) They even sent it down to the pits to the pretty lady so she could get on the bandwagon. "I talked to Burney before the race, and . . .".   Oh well.  He got some really good TV coverage. Maybe next time he'll get an in-car camera.


Speaking of next time. This Friday  SPEED Channel  5:00 pm Eastern Time   NASCAR BUSCH Series

"United Way 300" qualifying live from Kansas Speedway.  This Saturday  NBC   2:00 pm Eastern Time

NASCAR BUSCH Series "United Way 300" live from Kansas Speedway  Car # 33 Yardman Chevrolet

Chauffeur: Burney Lamar


See ya on the flip flop





September 3, 2005




Talladega, AL.    Burney Lamar came from the rear of the forty-one car field Saturday afternoon, to finish sixth in the ARCA/REMAX "Food World 300" at the Talladega Superspeedway. It was the 25 year old W.Sacramento, CA. native's first ARCA race and his first on the 2.66 mile high-banked oval.


Although he qualified the DeLana Harvick owned, HPS/Groeniger Chevrolet tenth out of a field of 52 entries, Lamar was forced to start from the rear of the field because of an alternator change that was made after the cars were impounded following qualifying.


By lap sixteen of the 113 lap race, the youngster had moved up to twenty-fourth, and on lap forty-nine was in sixth place. On lap seventy-six he was was third, but following a pit stop around lap eighty-one,  he got hung out on the outside and dropped back to eleventh. During the last twenty laps he improved back up to sixth where he took the checkers.


"Kevin (Kevin Harvick, his spotter) told me to watch out for it, but I made a rookie mistake and got hung out on that last restart. I don't intend to do that again", said Lamar.


"All in all, we accomplished what we set out to do, except of course, win it. We didn't have too much time to work on the car before the race, but our intent was to finish, which we did, and to keep the fenders on it, which we did. My crew really did a great job all weekend long and my pits stops were awesome. They even gained me positions".


Lamar's next race will be this Saturday in his NASCAR BUSCH Series debut at the Kansas Speedway.




September 29, 2005




Talladega, AL.   Burney Lamar will start the ARCA "Food World 300" from the tenth position Saturday afternoon at the Talladega Superspeedway. The 25 year old W. Sacramento, CA. native posted a time of 52.894 seconds at 181.041 miles an hour over the 2.66 mile high-banked oval in a field of fifty-two entries. Forty-one cars will take the green flag Saturday afternoon in a race that will be shown on a tape-delayed basis at 9:30 p.m. eastern time on SPEED Channel.


"I can't say enough about my crew chief, Lance Dieters, and my Grand National West crew. They busted their butts all day today, and it paid off. We were seventeenth in practice earlier today so we were really happy with the results." said Lamar.


Driving the #12 HPS/Groeniger Chevrolet Monte Carlo owned by DeLana Harvick, Lamar said it was, "pretty cool having Kevin there up on the hauler giving support. Especially since this is a restrictor plate race and he's run pretty good here in these kind of races."


Although this is the first time on a high-banked superspeedway, Lamar does have experience on one and two mile ovals having won Grand National West races at both the one mile oval at Phoenix International Raceway and on the two-mile track at the California Speedway earlier this summer in only three starts in that division. He is also third in the point standings in the NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division Southwest Series after twelve off fourteen races driving a car owned by Les DenHerder, of Bakersfield, CA.. DenHerder is also the owner of HPS Mechanical, Inc., plumbing specialists headquartered in Bakersfield. "Les and his son, Scotty, are also here with us. He's one reason I'm here today, and I can't say enough about what he has done for me. It's great having that kind of support from a sponsor and car owner."


Driving in a developmental program for Kevin Harvick, Inc., Lamar will be making his debut in the NASCAR BUSCH Series at the Kansas Speedway a week from Saturday.



September 26, 2005


The Truck race . . . .


As you probably know by now, Burney qualified 23rd and finished 21st in his Craftsman Truck debut at

LVMS last Saturday night, driving DeLana Harvick's #92 HPS/Groeniger/Snap-On Tools Chevrolet.


When I told him I thought it wasn't that bad a showing, his answer was, "Not good. I'm disappointed."

However, by the time we got through talking, things were a little more upbeat.


"When we got through talking with DeLana and Kevin back at Kernersville a few days ago, we had some priorities on what we wanted to accomplish. Actually, we did most of what we set out to do, except for a better finish. Get some seat time, finish the race, learn something, and keep the truck in one piece."


He got seat time. 149 laps, 223.5 miles, 359.6 kilometers worth.

Finish the race. He did.  Keep the truck in one piece. He did.


Learn something. "I learned a lot and got some good experience. I learned how far I could drive a truck into the corners and how they handle. I learned what it's like to pass a truck, and get passed by one. I learned about pitting during a race. Actually, I'm looking forward to the next race." (Atlanta, Oct. 24th)


About the race. There were 36 entries. He qualified 23rd, started 23rd. By lap 10 he was 19th. His highest was 17th on laps 38 through 42 with his lowest being 25th around lap 104 from which he climbed up to his 21st place finish.


From the "can you believe it" department. Burney got black-flagged on lap 95. His window net came down.


In my opinion, the young man did a fine job. First time in a truck. Passed some good trucks. Did what they set out to do. Sure, it would have been nice to finish better, but he hung in there all the way. Look at a couple of truck veterans who finished behind him. And he's still got that good attitude.


This Tuesday and Wednesday Burney will be testing his BUSCH car at Kansas Speedway. ARCA race at Talladega next Saturday. West car testing at Carraway Speedway next Monday, BUSCH race a week from Saturday, and then sort of home for West/ Southwest event at Mesa Marin. Seat time.






September 21, 2005


And now, the rest of the story . . .


Burney got some experiences yesterday at Talladega. First of all, looking up at the banking four stories up in the air. Secondly, his first time around the track. Thirdly, not taking his foot off the gas.


"Looking up at that banking, (33 degrees) is an awesome experience. Wow."


"And then your first time around the track is in a rent-a-car. I went around it with my crew chief, Lance, and Gene DeHart. It was quite an experience. Here I was cruising around Talladega, the three of us, in a rent-a-car, doing 130 miles an hour. Right off the bat, I'm like, whoa." (He never said who was driving, but I'll give you three guesses, and two don't count)


Lance Dieters is Burney's crew chief in his BUSCH, Truck, ARCA, and West adventures. Gene DeHart is the head man in the "body hanging" department at KHI having done that in the past for Dale Earnhardt, as well as being a tire changer, when he won all his championships. "He's been in racing forever." (He was with Burney to help with the aerodynamics of the race car).


"When we left Kernersville for Talladega, Kevin told me, "after you leave the pits and go through the gears, never lift off the gas." "When you've never been on a track like that, it's hard to do, but we did it. It was a thrilling experience." (Attitude, baby, attitude. Please refer to previous story on attitudes)


O.K. I'm bringing it up again. 9 races in 8 weeks. But lets add a little more. Following his debut in the Craftsman Trucks this weekend, Burney is "going to Kansas City" for a test in the BUSCH Series. "Yeah, right after the truck race in Vegas, we're flying to Kansas City for a test at the Kansas Speedway on Tuesday and Wednesday." That's in preparation for his debut in BUSCH on October 8th. Which is the week after Talladega. Which is the week before Mesa Marin in which he will be driving in both the Southwest and West Series on the same night. (Change in schedule) Then, my goodness, he has a week off. (Unless there is some more testing) Then it's off to Atlanta for a Truck race. Then Phoenix for a Southwest Series event on November 10th. followed by a West Series race on November 11th, followed by the Toyota Showdown on November 11th and 12th. (Which brings up a rather interesting scheduling in which I will not get involved. Talk to Irwindale and NASCAR)


Another O.K. Lets get down to the nitty-gritty. I'm a Burney Lamar fan. I've been one since late 2000 or early 2001 when he hooked up with Mike Bonicelli for the 2001 Southwest Series ("the tour") season in which he won the rookie of the year trophy. Since that time he has fourteen poles, four wins, and has been in the top ten in over half his starts and in the top ten in points all four seasons in what I consider a very competitive Series. Now, as in the preceding paragraph, thanks to HPS, Groeniger, and Kevin Harvick, he's going to be racing with the "big boys". Will he make it? I think he's off to a good start. Two wins in three starts in the Grand National Division, and 2nd in testing at Talladega. (granted they are also rookies) I'll also grant you that he is in some pretty good equipment (not to say Victory Circle Chassis is not good equipment) and that he has some pretty good mentors. But I'll say this to my dying day. It takes a good driver to make that equipment work. I think he's a good driver. Time will tell.


It's late. Bye





   September 21, 2005

                                     LAMAR SECOND IN TALLADEGA ARCA TEST


Talladega, AL.   Burney Lamar was the second fastest of 28 development drivers in testing Tuesday for the ARCA "Food World 300" on October 1st. Following the afternoon runs, Lamar was unoffically recorded with a time of 52.230 seconds at 183.343 mph.


Although the 25 year old W. Sacramento, CA. native has some experience on Superspeedways, Tuesday marked the first time he had seen the high-banked tri-oval and he was impressed. :"Just going there was a great experience. You go through the tunnel into the infield and look up at that banking, and, wow."


Driving the #12 HPS/Groeniger/KHI Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Lamar had this to say, "The testing went real good. We went out and got used to the track and made some changes to the car. Around lunchtime we had some good baselines and then during the afternoon made some strong runs and wound up near the top in times. Kevin told me when we left Kernersville, when you leave the pits and go through the gears, never lift off the gas. When you've never been on a track like this, it's kind of hard to do, but we did it. It was a thrilling experience."


Driving in a development program for NASCAR NEXTEL Cup driver, Kevin Harvick, Lamar has two wins this year in the NASCAR Grand National Series in three starts. In his first start on the half-mile oval at Mesa Marin Raceway in Bakersfield, CA., he finished sixth. He followed that up with a win on the mile oval at Phoenix International Raceway and a win on the two-mile track at the California Speedway. He is also currently third in the point standings in the NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division Southwest Series after twelve of fourteen events.


For more on Burney Lamar, visit his website at


September 17, 2005


O.K. . .  Here's next time


Talked to Burney a couple of days ago, and if anyone has an attitude, it's Burney Lamar.

Maybe that's why a man with an attitude hired him.


As I hope you know, Burney is scheduled to drive in an ARCA race at the Talladega

Superspeedway on October 8th. When I mentioned to him that Talladega is a pretty big

track, like 2 1/2 miles around and reasonably fast, his answer was, "Yeah. I need the

experience. I'm looking forward to it." Me? I'd be scared silly. But Burney's a racer.


Speaking of racers and attitudes. Dale Earnhardt, Kevin Harvick, Tony Stewart, Ron

Hornaday. All of whom have or are driving for RCR and or KHI. Racers all. I'd say Burney

is in some darn good company.


Bad night at Shasta Raceway Park last weekend. Thought they had tranny problems during

practice, but couldn't find anything wrong with it. Went out to qualify and turned the second

fastest lap of the night on the first lap, when the tranny acted up again. Since he had taken a

qualifying lap, the car was impounded. The crew, along with help from Jim Pettit II's crew,

 changed the thing. He officially was credited with starting seventh on account of the . . . . .

 8-car invert, but he actually started last because they pulled the car out of impound.

According to Burney, he passed half a dozen cars in the first ten laps but a couple of drivers

got into a tangle and he hit one of them causing radidiator problems. Therefore his DNF,



As far as the Southwest Series, only two races left. Mesa Marin and Phoenix. At the moment,

he's third in points, 174 out of first, which, obviously, is a big challenge. Howsomever, this

year at Mesa he's got a 2nd and a 3rd, and at Phoenix, two wins. (One in SW, the other

in West). It ain't over 'till it's over.


I know I've brought this up before, but I'm impressed, and I just might do it again. Starting

next weekend, the young man is scheduled for nine (9) races in eight (8) weeks in four

different divisions on five different tracks ranging from half-mile to 2 1/2 mile.  ARCA, BUSCH,

Trucks, and Southwest. You think maybe Mr. Harvick is putting him to the test?


"Yeah, but I need the experience."


Attitude, baby, attitude.




  September 8, 2005




            Bakersfield, CA     After a little more than a month off, the NASCAR Elite Division Southwest 

Series returns to action Saturday night at Shasta Raceway Park in Anderson, CA.. As is the case

with many drivers, the event marks the first time Burney Lamar will turn a wheel on the 3/8ths mile 

oval. The 25 year old was nine the last time the Series held a race there.

            Lamar is entering the event, the twelfth on the Series schedule, in second place in the point standings with two races to go after Saturday night. With only 134 points separating the top three

drivers, the race could have a big effect toward determining the Series championship.

            "We've had an up and down season in the tour car," says the W. Sacramento driver, "but

we're looking forward to going to Shasta and see if we can't get on the uphill side. We're still second 

in points but we've sort of struggled these last few races and we'd like to turn things around and get another win for my car owner, Les DenHerder, and of course, my crew and sponsors, HPS and


            Although it has been a month since the last Series race, Lamar has gotten some seat

time in a race car. On September 2nd, he won his second NASCAR Grand National West race

on the two-mile California Speedway oval in only his third start for car owner DeLana Harvick.

Participating in a driver development program for Kevin Harvick, Inc., he not only will be entering

the final races in the Southwest Series, but is also scheduled to make his debut in the NASCAR

Craftsman Truck Series on September 24th at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, followed by an

ARCA (Automobile Racing Club of America) race at Talladega Superspeedway on October 1st,

and a race in the NASCAR BUSCH Series at the Kansas Speedway on October 8th



September 5, 2005


Notes and quotes from Burney Lamar, and you read it here first. . . .


Like the young feller is scheduled to drive an ARCA car at Talladega Oct. 1st.


Just hung up the phone with Burney, and he's tired but pumped up. After all, he's

bouncing around the country like Kenny Schrader. How about Friday night. Third time

in a West car, first time on a two-mile track, and he wins the sucker. (And may I add,

among some darn good competition) So his record at the moment in NASCAR Grand

National West is two wins and a sixth in three starts.


About the CA. West event. . . . "First time I've been on the track, and I thought, man, this

thing is big. . .  you sort of go down the backstretch for quite a while . . .  it's extremely

wide . . .  it was real cool . . . we tested in a truck at Las Vegas with Ron Hornaday and

he was telling me you have to do the same thing at Fontana as there, wide arc's going in

the corner. . . it was a real cool experience, 'cause during practice and qualifying we

weren't all that good, but then we got in the race and the car was hooked up and we

headed for the front".


Testing with Hornaday at Vegas . . . "Oh yeah, man, it was awesome . . . just hanging out

with the guy. . . . I mean, lets face it, he's done everything in NASCAR. . . Cup, BUSCH,

two truck championships. . . the testing went good we think. . . . we didn't have anybody

out there with us, but the truck was really comfortable and we didn't fall off very much,

so we were pretty excited". (He tested at Vegas last Tuesday and is scheduled for a truck

race there September 24th)


The difference between Series . . . "There's a huge difference actually. . . . the BUSCH car

is the hardest to drive because it's a short wheelbase with a lot of horsepower and you can

drive it so far into the corner. . . . the truck is a lot more stable than either the BUSCH

car or the tour car. . . the tour car is the easiest because I've driven them so much and

have the experience". (For you newcomers, a "tour" car is Southwest Series where he is

second in the points with three races to go)


Talladega . . . "Yeah, we're running Talladega. . . an ARCA car, October 1st. . . it'll be fun. .

it's a restrictor plate race, but I can't wait for the experience". (ARCA - Automobile Racing

Club of America - car spec's are close to Cup. Talladega is a 2.66 mile tri-oval with 33

degree banking in the turns and is damn fast)


Shasta coming up . . .  "We're looking forward to going to Shasta. . . we haven't had that

good a run in a tour car lately so we're hoping to turn around our luck and hopefully win

a couple more this year. . . . it certainly would be nice for my car owner, Les DenHerder,

the sponsors, and my team,  to get another win and have fun being in victory circle

again. . . .  I've never been to Shasta but I hope we can do the same thing we did at

California". (Shasta, 1/3 mile, September 10th, Southwest Series)


And there you have it dudes and dudettes. The latest from the youngster. He's happier

than a gator in a swamp and doing fine. His girlfriend, Kelly, is going to school and doing

well. He's busier than a one-armed paper-hanger working on race cars and trucks and

doing an occasional race (six in the next eight weeks).


"Till next time,







            Fontana, CA.   Burney Lamar, in only his third start in a NASCAR Grand National West race,

won his second race in that division Friday night in the "Relocate Here 200" at the California Speedway.

Qualifying seventh in a field of twenty-five cars, Lamar took the lead for the first time on lap twenty-nine,

but fell back to eleventh after a series of pits stops, only to work his way back up to first on lap eighty-five,

a lead he never relinquished to the checkered flag.

            Driving the HPS/Groeniger Chevrolet owned by LaDana Harvick, Lamar is racing a limited

schedule in a driver development program for Kevin Harvick Inc. In his first race for KHI in the Grand

National Division, he finished sixth in a race on the half-mile oval at Mesa Marin Raceway in Bakersfield,

CA. He followed that up with a win on the one-mile oval at Phoenix International Raceway. Fridays event

marked the first time the 25 year old W. Sacramento, CA. driver had ever raced on a two-mile oval.

            Not only is Lamar running a limited schedule in the NASCAR Grand National Division, he is also

running the full fourteen-race schedule in the NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division-Southwest Series, where

he currently second in that Series point standings after eleven races.




August 10, 2005


Loose as a goose . . .


Things started out half-way decent last Saturday night at Irwindale, but it didn't take too long for it to go


South. Burney qualified seventh, and for the second week in a row, the quick qualifier drew a 10. Moved


'ol Burn up to fourth on the green. He got 'er up to second on the seventh or so lap, and then it went


downhill. Car got progressively looser, and about every 10-15 laps, somebody went by. Wound up tenth.


  Stayed second in the points, but he lost a little ground to Mr. Pettit II. He's now 125 out of first. Auggie


gained on him. He's only 9 behind Burney. Points-wise, it'll be an interesting next three races.


  I sure was disappointed that he won't be coming to PPIR in a couple of weeks for the West race, but far


be it for me to tell KHI what to do. Looks like Burney won't be racing again until September 2nd in a West


race at California. The next Southwest race isn't until September 10th at Shasta. What to do 'till then?


  In case you missed it, Burney is scheduled to drive a BUSCH race October 8th at Kansas Speedway.


Scratch his October 22nd Truck race at Martinsviile, and add a Truck race at Atlanta Motor Speedway on


October 29th.


  Have a good month off folks. Till then . . . .





July 31, 2005


Shades of Phoenix . . .


Maybe you saw it on TV, or were lucky enough to be there at Phoenix last April when 'ol Burn went under


the first and second place cars on the final turn of the last lap to win that Grand National West race. Well,


this time there were six laps to go when he made a power move under the third and fourth place cars,


Eddie McKean and Auggie Vidovich, in turns one and two, to take third at CNS Saturday night.



Burney said the car was a little tight in the early going, but started to come around towards the end


and he figured he had a good shot at them on that final restart. He had it in third gear, the green dropped,


he nailed it and launched it off the starting line, and under them he went. Came out third going down the


back chute, and third was his.



Except for the heat, it was a good day at CNS. Some will say only 21 cars showed up, but four races in a


row in four weeks, probably didn't help. Then again, 21 cars on a 3/8ths mile isn't a bad show. Good


crowd. Probably somewhere around 12 - 13,000.



How about the difference between first and second in qualifying! .001 of a second. Burney and Auggie


tied for second, but since Burney got it first, he got it. And then Rip's lady drew a 10. Can you believe it?


First time the guy wins a pole, and has to start half-way back in the field. And Burney alongside him.



Good news, bad news for Coloradans. Burney will not be racing the West race at PPIR next month. I


forgot what he told me, but I think it has to do with the fact he's going to run a BUSCH race at Kansas


Speedway on October 8th. I'm guessing that KHI has their priorities, and a BUSCH race comes before a


West race. Good news. He's got a BUSCH race. Bad news. We (Coloradans) might not get to see him


again unless/until he gets a full-time ride in BUSCH.



Next up is Irwindale. While he hasn't necessarily set the world on fire there, he does have two wins.


Maybe his third there, and fifth overall, comes Saturday night.



Have a good one






July 30, 2005




            Erie, Colorado - With only six laps to go, following the fifth caution flag of the night,


Burney Lamar got a great restart, went under the third and fourth place cars through the first


and second turns, and held on for a third place finish in the United Power/ Touchstone Energy


150 at Colorado National Speedway Saturday night. The event was the tenth in the fourteen race


NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division Southwest Series. The finish keeps Lamar second in the


Series point standings.


            "We had some bad restarts earlier, and had some tranny problems, and I finally had to 


start it in third, and it helped out a lot. We set up for a long run car, and we had it a tick tight, but


it actually came to us at the end, and I knew we had something for 'em once we got that caution.


It was fun racing with Eddie and Auggie, and I can't say enough about them racing us clean like


they did."


            During qualifying, Lamar posted the second quick time by .001 of a second, but a ten-car


invert put him ninth on the starting grid. By lap fifteen he was fourth, but bounced back and


forth between fifth and sixth until he was fifth on the 144th lap restart when he made his move


into third.


            The next event for Lamar and his HPS Mechanical/Victory Circle Chassis/ Groeniger


Chevrolet is next Saturday night at Irwindale (CA) Speedway to wind up a four-race series in a


four week stretch.


            For more on Burney Lamar, visit his website at






July 26, 2005


What can I say . . . .


To quote Burney, "Man, it was just a long weekend". They unloaded the car, did their usual stuff before

practice on Friday, whatever that is, but the sucker just wouldn't go fast. Two or three laps, and back to

the pits. Work on the car. Two or three laps, work on the car.


Those of you who follow Burney know he can qualify pretty decent. 17th out of 41 cars didn't go over

very well, so they pulled the car out of impound, and worked on it. That of course, meant a 38th starting

position. By the time the second caution flag came out on lap 24, he was 21st. But they spent a little

time on trying to make it better, and when things got going again, he was 34th.


Might I take this opportunity to say that the track announcer noticed that the #1 car was running 5th,

that's 5th, on lap 117. For those of you who might have a little trouble with mathematics, that's an

improvement of 29 positions. Ah, but guess what. Lamar luck. Something went wrong toward the end of the race, and he had to pit under green, and when all was said and done, he wound up 13th. Now you have to understand, that was his overall finish among 38 starters. This was a combined event with the

Midwest Series. Among the Southwest entrants, he finished 7th, which keeps him second in the points.


Now the next race is at Colorado National Speedway this Saturday. That's approximately 112 miles north of Pikes Peak International Raceway, last Saturdays race, and some 1300 miles northeast of Los Angeles. Guess where the next race is the next weekend. Some 1300 miles southwest of CNS. Never mind, I think I expressed my feelings on that earlier. However, races are races. (May the Good Lord look over the race

car hauler drivers).


Back to CNS. Ol' Burn says he's looking forward to this one. Got a third there last time out a few weeks

ago. Got some "good notes" (that's crew chief lingo) from that race, and hopes to improve. But he really sounded a little excited that my hero, Rick Carelli, the "High Plains Drifter" is coming to the race to "hang

out with us in the pits". Now I'm not going into any lengthy discussion about Rick except to say that anyone who cares to look up his record in the Southwest Series will see that he is at the top of the list

in wins (21). Burney's hero, MK Kanke, is second in all-time wins in the Southwest Series (19). That should be a great reunion!  Three of the nicest people you'll ever want to meet.


Take care. See ya'll at CNS.





Burry Dolbeare      

Burney Lamar Motorsports

July 26, 2005





            Fountain, CO   Burney Lamar remains in second place in the AutoZone Elite Division Southwest


Series following a seventh place finish in the "King Soopers 150" at Pikes Peak International Raceway


Saturday afternoon. Plagued with suspension problems during practice on Friday, the Sacramento, CA.


driver could only muster a seventeenth place spot in qualifying, and pulled the car out of impound to


make some adjustments. As a result he had to start in the thirty-eighth position.


            By lap twenty-four, he had worked his way past fifteen cars and was twenty-first. A caution came


out on lap twenty-five and Burney went into the pits for adjustments on the car. As a result of the lengthy


pit stop, he returned in thirty-fourth place. By lap 117, he had worked his way up to fifth, but had to make


another pit stop under green for more adjustments, and wound up thirteenth in the overall standings.


However, since the event was a combined Elite Division Midwest/Southwest Series, he finished seventh


in the Southwest Series standings and maintained his second place in the Southwest Series points.


            "Man, it was just a long weekend. The guys thrashed on the car from the time it came off the


trailer, but we just couldn't find the problem. We thought we had it fixed after the first pit stop, but


something started going wrong again towards the end, and we had to make another pit stop under green


and that really killed us. But we're still in the hunt for the championship, so that's good".


            The next race for Lamar and his HPS/Groeniger/Victory Circle Chassis Chevrolet is this coming


Saturday at Colorado National Speedway. "I'm looking forward to that for a couple of reasons. First of all,


we got a third there a few weeks ago, and we have some good notes, so we hope to improve on that.


Secondly, my friend, Rick Carelli, who won so many races at that track a few years ago, is coming to


hang out with us in the pits. I'll be nice to have him there".


            For more on Burney Lamar, visit his website at



Burry Dolbeare

Burney Lamar Motorsports

July 20, 2005                



                             BURNEY LAMAR RETURNING TO PIKES PEAK


            Burney Lamar, of  West Sacramento, CA. now in his fifth year of driving in the NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division Southwest Series, returns to Pikes Peak International Raceway this weekend. His, and the Series, last appearance at PPIR was in 2002 for a support race with the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series.                    This year will see a big difference. The race not only will be in support of the NASCAR BUSCH Series, but will also be a combined event with the Elite Divisions Midwest Series.

             "I am really looking forward to PPIR", says the 24 year old Lamar. "Not only do I like the track, but it's wide, smooth, and fast. We've been having some good results on the one-milers the past couple of  years, and I hope we can keep it up this weekend. There's always great competition in the Southwest Series, but having the Midwest drivers there too, just adds to the program".

             On the other one mile track that the Series runs on, Phoenix International Raceway, Lamar has a pole, a win, a second, and three sixth place finishes to his credit. The win came earlier this year in January during the annual Copper World Classic, when he qualified third, took the lead on lap eighteen of the 100 lap event and held off a strong challenge by NASCAR  veteran, Ken Schrader, for the victory.

            In his last PPIR appearance, Lamar sat on the pole, set the Series track record for the fastest race lap, but finished a disappointing fifteenth. "We started out good, but had some bad luck there toward the end of that race. But this is this year. My boss, Kevin Harvick, won a Winston West race there back in '98, so we'll trying to join him in a PPIR victory circle celebration". 

            Lamar is currently in the driver development program for Kevin Harvick Inc., and is running a limited Grand National West Series schedule, one of which is scheduled for PPIR on August 21, his 25th birthday. That event will be a support race in conjunction with the Indy Racing League.

            Presently second in the Series point standings, Lamar is coming off of a ninth place finish last  week-end at the Stockton 99 Speedway. He qualified his Groeniger/HPS Mechanical/Victory Circle Chassis Chevrolet first in a twenty-two car field, but a cut tire on the ninth lap caused him to go down three laps. However, he made up two of those during the next 113 over the quarter-mile oval, but ran out of time and had to settle for the ninth place finish.

            The schedule for this weekends event calls for practice and qualifying for both the BUSCH and Elite Divisions on Friday, with the Elite Divisions "King Soopers Freedom 150" race starting at 10:30 Saturday morning.



Lamar luck . . . . what can you    say                                                                                                 July 17, 2005


Qualifies first. Draws #8 for the inversion. Blows a tire on the ninth lap. Loses three laps.


Our PR man, Derrick Shannon, says, "Lamar had perhaps the fastest car on the race track all race long".


I would hope to shout. Goes down three laps on a quarter-mile bullring and makes up two. I assume that

means he passed the winner twice. IF it had been a 150 lapper, he MIGHT have passed him three times.

I know. Coulda, woulda, mighta. IF they didn't have that . . . inversion rule, he MIGHTA lapped the whole

field a coupla or three  times. OK. Enough whining.


But it do sound like Brad Peters had an awesome motor in that piece, and his crew chief, Mark Lundgren,

and his boys, had it set up pretty good. Course, Burney's ability might have had a little to do with it too.


He's still second in the point standings. Got his fourteenth career pole, third this season. His fourteenth

pole puts him sixth on the all-time Southwest Series pole winners list.


Have a goody coming up this weekend at PPIR. Another combined Southwest/Midwest thingy. Seems like

the one milers attract a lot of entries. In the 8 races the Midwest has had here they have averaged 39

starters. In the Southwest's 3 races here, they've started 38 in all three. With a $108,000 purse up for grabs, it should be an interesting weekend. By the way, Burney sat on the pole and set the Southwest Series fastest race lap record in 2002.


Another by the way. Burney's good friend, Auggie Vidovich, has two starts in the Midwest races here: 2002 and 2004. Finished 2nd both times. Burney's short-track hero, MK Kanke, started all the Southwest

races here, and has a 2nd and two 3rds. Maybe Burney's turn for a podium? Just thought I'd throw that out. Probably won't go very far.


Till we meet again, . . . . .




                                                                                                        July 10, 2005 


          In case anyone was wondering:
Burney didn't race in the late model program at Concord Motorsport Park Saturday night.
Seems the car owner, DeLana Harvick's dad, was in the hospital having a tumor removed
from his back. Since Burney didn't say different, I assume he is doing o.k..
Burney was however, in Chicago, watching his boss win the Busch race.
He says there's no new news on his running any Busch races. As you remember, he was
scheduled to run one at Nashville a few weeks ago, but qualifying was rained out, so they
started the thing by the NASCAR rule book and he didn't get to run it.
So I guess the next adventure is this Saturday night at Stockton 99. Except for his last
race there on April 30th when he finished 22nd, he's got a 2nd, two 3rds, and a 4th in five
races, so maybe he'll get his first win there this weekend.
If any of you out there are avid Burney Lamar fans and follow him to the Southwest Series
races, looks like you'll have to dip into your savings accounts the coming five weeks for gas.
Stockton, CA., this week, Pikes Peak, CO., the next, Colorado National, CO., the next
and Irwindale, CA. the next. If you live in L.A. and go to church on Sunday after each race, you'll have gone 4,734 miles.(That's in a fast car) However, some of the hauler drivers will
probably do that, although I understand some are staying over in Colorado after the PPIR race. While I assume most of them will take I-40 to I-25 coming to Colorado, those
that take I-70 are going to burn a ton of fuel over those mountain passes. Let us say a prayer for the hauler drivers.
Till next time,

   Burry Dolbeare                                                                                    July 1, 2005


   Finally . . .


  Sorry to be so late on the trials and tribulations of Burney, but we played phone-tag for a few days. Finally caught up with him today working on race cars at KHI.

  Good luck, bad luck at Infineon. Good luck. He and a bunch of others came to the pits on the 21st lap and he had a problem that put the left front on the ground. As he drove down pit lane, it ground down a sway bar. Now I don't pretend to know that much about the mechanical aspects of a race car, but I've been told that a sway bar has a bunch to do with the handling of said race car. As a matter of fact, I didn't think you could drive a race car without one. Shows what I know. He drove it some 35-40 laps. Has to be talent!. Good luck. It happened as he was entering the pits.

   Bad luck. It happened.

 As he said, they had a really fast car. He led the first 20 laps. No reason to think he wouldn't have stayed in front. Nice to see him go by some "Cup" ringers on his way to the front from 24th.

  Stockton 99 is up next. Except for the last race there (finished 22nd) he does well. A 2nd, two 3rds, and a 4th going back to 2002. Hopefully he'll get that win this time.


Keep smilin', makes everyone wonder what you've been up to!





       Burry Dolbeare                                                                                July 1. 2005



            Sonoma, CA.     Burney Lamar overcame suspension problems Saturday afternoon at Infineon Raceway to record a very creditable sixth place finish in the NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division - Southwest  Series seventh event of the season. The result moved him into second place in the Series point standings, only 42 markers out of first.              

            Having qualified the Clow/HPS/Groeniger/Victory Circle Chassis Chevrolet in the number two spot over the 1.9 mile road course on Friday, Lamar led the 41-car field for the first 20 laps of the 64-lap event, but a malfunction on the left front on the 21st lap saw the youngster head for the pits as a caution flag came out.  Following several pits stops during the caution, he rejoined the race on the lead lap in 24th spot, but missing a sway bar. Despite the problem, by lap 39 he had worked his way back up to 12th. On lap 43 he was 10th and continuing to move to the front, reaching 5th place on lap 57, but the ill-handling car dropped him back to 6th at the checkered.

            "We had a really fast car too. We came into the pits with the left front dragging the ground, and it ground off the sway bar. But my crew did a super job in getting things back to where I could drive it. So we were pretty happy with a sixth place finish."

            The next event on the Series schedule is on the quarter-mile oval at Stockton 99 Speedway on July 16th, followed by a trip to the one-mile oval at Pikes Peak International Raceway on July 23rd.


            For more on Lamar, visit his website at


- 30 -


                                                                                                            June 20, 2005

                           Not a good night at Irwindale . . . .


  They, Burney and the crew, were pumped up for Irwindale Saturday night, but "ol racin' lady luck" did her thing again. Darn tire went down. The kid got his 13th SWS pole, and guess what number he pulled out of the hat? 8  What's new. Put the race winner on the pole at the green. You know our feelings on that, so I'll let it go.

   Started the thing on the outside of the fourth row, 8th place, and moved up to 6th by lap 19.  Dropped to 8th on lap 36, back to 9th on lap 50, 14th on lap 65, and then it went to, well bad. Went into the pits on lap 89, was running at the end, but wound up 15th.

  Good news. He only dropped one spot in the points, to 3rd, 74 out of first, and 38 out of 2nd. With 8 races to go, certainly can be made up, or as Burney said earlier tonight, there's a bunch of races to go. (Good attitude)

  Road race coming up Saturday. Got a 2nd there last year. He said the crew can set the car up for left and  rights, so he's looking forward to it. At least they don't have an invert for this one, so if he does his thing, and qualifies good, who knows?


Let you know Sunday or Money. 'till then,






Burry Dolbeare                                                                                    June 15, 2005




      Bakersfield, CA.   Burney Lamar is hoping to continue his winning ways at Irwindale Speedway Saturday night, when the NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division - Southwest Series returns to the half mile oval for the "Advantage Ford 100", the sixth event on the 2005 schedule.

    In the Series last regular season appearance at Irwinale in May of 2004, Lamar started tenth in the 30-car car field, moved his way toward the front and took over the top position with seven laps to go. The win was his second Series win at Irwindale, the first coming in 2002. He also has a third win there, that coming in last years Toyota All Star Showdown when he won a 20-car, 50-lap qualifying race.

   Although presently living in Kernersville, N.C., where he is employed in the driver development program for Kevin Harvick, Inc., the W. Sacramento, CA. native is definitely competing for the Southwest Series championship. So far this season, he has a win in his four top-three finishes in five starts, that win coming in the prestigious "Copper World Classic" at Phoenix International Raceway last January.

He is currently second in the Series point standing, only twelve markers out of first.

    Driving a recently built 2005 Groeniger/HPSMechanical/Victory Circle Chassis Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Lamar says he looking forward to returning to Irwindale. "In general, we've run good there, and I just like the track. There's plenty of room to race, and if we qualify decent, but have to catch an invert, there's plenty of room to pass and make our way towards the front. Another thing about Irwindale is, we've got some wins there, so I'm looking forward to it".


            For more on Burney, visit his website at



                                                                                                               June 11, 2005


                Talked with Burney today:


He's says he's pretty disappointed about qualifying being rained out, not to mention not

making the program. However, he says, "There's plenty of races left and we'll make it up somewhere. We'll sit down with Kevin, Rick (Carelli), and the crew chiefs and figure some-

thing out".


Next up is the Southwest race at Irwindale next Saturday. He's had his up's and down's there,

but on the up-side, two of his four SW wins have come at Irwindale. He has a third win on the

half-mile, counting his qualifying win in last years Toyota Showdown when he started 16th in a 20 car field, took the lead on lap ten and never looked back. Led the first 75 laps of the feature,

but the 'ol invert bit him again, had to restart sixth, and wound up third.


"I'm looking forward to running Irwindale. We've done good and I just like the track, cause there's plenty of room to race. If we qualify decent, and have to catch an invert, there's enough

room to make some passes and charge forward, so I'm looking forward to the weekend".


I am too.







                                                                                                                   June 6th, 2005


   And the story continues . . .


   A real shame it rained on the scheduled race-day at Colorado National. I guess unless it's a Cup event, folks just don't go racing on a Sunday afternoon. I'm not going to guess how many were there, but it was bad. Those that didn't go, missed a goody.

   Ol Burn had the pole for a while, but wound up fifth. You have to realize his fifth was .087 sec. and .43 mph slower than the pole sitter. That's the way it is in the Southwest Series.

  During practice in the morning, he was having a problem in that the right rear was wanting to go down the straightaways before the front end did. As Burney said, the crew worked their butts off getting things fixed.

  And for the first time in recent memory, actually Burney said it did happen in 2002, he got to be on the front row as a result of the "invert". Those of you who follow Mr. Lamar know, that when he sets fast time, which he has done 12 times, he invariably pulls a #8 out of the hat and winds up half way back in the field. Burney and I could go into a lengthy discussion on that "invert" thing, but . . . .  that's the way it is.

   Got to see a bunch of folks Sunday. Susan and David (this is their website if you happen to have just gotten up), talked with Clyde (Burney's grandpa) about how it used to be in the "good 'ol days" (have you ever been inside one of these modern day race car haulers? My lovely day!), talked with Burney's hero M K Kanke who pulled an overall seventh after starting tenth (there was some fierce racing behind the top

four or five all race long), had a nice chat with Kelly (thats the mans very nice girlfriend) and when thanking Les DenHerder (he is an owner of HPS Mechanical and Victory Circle Chassis) on behalf of the entire world for supporting Burney, he allowed as how, "I'm glad to do it, it's a lot fun".

  Asked Burney what he meant by working on the race cars down there in Kernersville, (that's in N. Carolina, where he's hooked up with KHI, like in Kevin Harvick Inc.) and he said he does about whatever they ask him to do, like working on suspensions, shocks, putting cars together, and like that. He said it keeps him pretty busy as they have, (if I remember right) ten (10) Craftsman trucks, eleven (11) Busch

Series cars, three (3) Grand National West cars, and one (1) late model in the KHI shop. Now you have to realize "shop" is some 40-50,000 square feet of floor space. Clyde and I remember when . . never mind.


  Before I forget it. I'm turning on the tape recorder -


  ME - "Now give me a comment or two about this coming Saturday. I think it's called BUSCH".


  BURNEY: "Ha. We're totally excited about that. Kevin and DeLana have given us an awesome piece, anawesome team, great people to drive for, and I'm just looking forward to going out there and putting on a good show for KHI".


  ME: "What's your car. Color-wise, number wise".


  BURNEY: "It's going to look just like the Grand National West car. It's going to be yellow and blue and have the number 83".


  ME: "Sponsored by?".


  BURNEY: "It'll be HPS and Groeniger".


  That's BUSCH folks. Like in NASCAR BUSCH Series. Live from the Nashville Superspeedway. Saturday June 11th. SPEED Channel and FX. Check your local listings.

  If you've gotten this far, I 'preciate it.


Till next time,





                                                                                                 June 5, 2005                              





            Dacono, CO    Burney Lamar drove to a third place finish in the "Auto Trader 150" on the 3/8ths mile oval at Colorado National Speedway Sunday afternoon in the first ever NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division combined Midwest/Southwest Series event. His finish as the second place finisher in the Southwest Series, gave the youngster enough points to move him from third to second place in the Series standings, only twelve markers out of first.

      Lamar qualified his Groeniger/HPS Mechanical/Victory Circle Chassis Chevrolet fifth out of a 38 car field, and by virtue of a six-car invert, started on the outside of the front row in the 150 lap event.

     At the end of the first go-round, Lamar had the lead which he maintained through the first fifty-one laps.

    On lap fifty-two, Midwest Series points leader, Justin Diercks, who had been pressuring Lamar for several laps, finally got by, and on lap 100, pole-sitter and eventual race winner, Brandon Riehl, after some side-by-side racing, took over the second spot.

            Following the race, Lamar said, "I'm happy. You know, when the season starts, you want to win every race, but now and then you run into problems, and today we had a couple. But coming in third today was like a win for us. I'm happy for the whole team. They busted their butts this morning when we had some handling problems during practice. During the early part of the race we lost the radio, and I'm  not used to that, not having a spotter. But all in all, with such a strong field of drivers, it was good".


            For more on Burney Lamar, visit his website at




                                                                                                                May 31, 2005





            Bakersfield, CA.  Some of the best "short trackers" in America will be converging on the Colorado National Speedway in Dacono, CO. this Saturday night, and W. Sacramento, CA. driver Burney Lamar will be among them. The event is the "Auto Trader 150", a 150 lap race on the speedways 3/8th mile oval that is bringing together drivers from the Mississippi river to the shores of California. The NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division is sanctioning a combined Midwest/Southwest Series event that will start 32 cars out of an expected field of 45 to 50 cars.

            Driving in the Southwest Series, where he is currently third in the point standings, Lamar has two top tens in four appearances at CNS, and also holds the track qualifying record, which he set in 2002.

            So far this season, the 24 year old college graduate has been in the top three in four starts, one of those three being a win in the prestigious "Copper World Classic" on the one-mile oval at PhoenixInternational Raceway last January.

            Driving a new Groeniger/HPS Mechanical/Victory Circle Chassis Chevrolet, Lamar says he has alot of confidence in his crew chief, Mark Lundgren, and his Victory Circle crew. Following a rain-caused accident during practice at Mesa Marin Raceway last April that destroyed his primary car, "My crewworked all night preparing a back-up car for the next days show and we got a second place finish. With the new car they built, we got a third at the second Mesa event, so things are looking good. This thing Saturday night should be great,  and we'll definitely be giving it our best shot".






                                                                                                   May 28, 2005


         Moving right along with our man, Burney, from W. Sacramento . . .


  As Burney predicted, he didn't run the two late model programs that were scheduled for last, and this weekend. As we stated last time, there's a pretty good reason. For the past week-and-a-half, they havebeen working steadily, including today (Saturday), on a new KHI (Kevin Harvick Inc.) BUSCH Series car for him to run at Nashville on June 11th. It's a 2005 Chebby, to be painted blue and yellow with the number 83.

   About the late model situation. He's still working on that also, and is expecting to run a late model event at Concord Motorsport Park on July 4th.

   A reminder to all you Burney Lamar fans in Colorado, or in Wyoming, Kansas, Florida, or wherever, that he'll be at Colorado National Speedway a week from tonight for the "Colorado Showdown". That's the AutoZone Elite Divisions combined / Southwest,  Midwest Series show. This should be a barnburner.

   With some 45-50 cars expected, only 32 will make the starting field. As only the fastest 20 qualifiers are guaranteed a starting position, guess what qualifying means.


'Till next time, . . . .





                                                                                                            May 20th, 2005



This is the first installment of what may be weekly, bi-weekly, or when deemed appropriate, of the continuing story of one Burney Lamar, whom I'm sure 95% of you are familiar. For those of you who are not, may I suggest you visit his website, appropriately named

            To bring everyone up-to-date, the youngster (and I can call him that on account of I'm 47 years his elder) now resides in Kernersville, N.C., which is just on the northern outskirts of Winston-Salem which is approximately 83 miles north of Charlotte. However, his hometown is still W. Sacramento, CA. He lives there because, as I hope you also know, he's in the driver development program of one Kevin Harvick, NASCAR NEXTEL Cup driver who, in turn, drives for Richard Childress Racing. (Kinda sorta like being with the big boys.)

            As those of you who visit his website have seen, he was scheduled to drive a late model stock car at Southern National Speedway (wherever that is) this weekend, and at Concord Motorsport Park next weekend. Southern National won't happen, and Concord is a maybe. Seems that Mr. Harvick Is going to put Burney in a BUSCH Series car on June 11th at the Nashville (TN) Superspeedway. Quite obviously that is taking precedence over the late model. So, according to Burney, he's now working full time on the BUSCH car, but if he gets the late model ready in time, he will do the Concord thing.

            However, for you Burney Lamar fans, not to worry. He fully intends to continue his run for the Southwest Series championship. When I asked him was he planning on being at Colorado National on June 4th, his answer was, "Oh yeah, definitely".


            And so the story continues. Till next time, . . . .






                                                                                                                                             May 15, 2005




            Bakersfield, CA.  Burney Lamar came on strong during the final laps to take a third place finish at the "Rialto Concrete Products 100" at Mesa Marin Raceway Saturday night in the fourth race of the NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division - Southwest Series season. The finish moved him up to third in the Series standings, only 48 points behind race winner and points leader, Jim Pettit II.


            Lamar started on the outside of the fourth row and slowly worked his way toward the front, moving into third with about 20 laps to go in the 100 lap event on the half-mile oval, where he finished at the checkered.


            So far this season, the W. Sacramento, CA. driver is off to a good start in his quest for the Series championship. In three of the four races run, he has a first, second, and third. In one of the few DNF's in his four year career, he finished 22nd two weeks ago at Stockton 99 Speedway due to a malfunction in the drive train, which caused him to drop from first to fourth in the standings. "Stockton was a disappointment", says Burney, "but Saturday night shows we can overcome it. Once again, my crew put a great car under me, and we got one spot back. The season has a long way to go, and hopefully we'll keep on climbing".


            The next event for Lamar and his blue and white Groeniger / HPS Mechanical / VictoryCircle Chassis Chevrolet Monte Carlo #1, will be on the 3/8ths mile oval at Colorado National Speedwayin Dacono, CO., a track at which he holds the Southwest Series qualifying track record. The event is a combined AutoZone Elite Division Southwest / Midwest Series program, and with some 45 race cars expected to compete for the 32-car starting field, promises to be one of the more interesting events of the summer.



                             Burry Dolbeare - Burney Lamar Motorsports, Inc.


Burney Lamar


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